Why use FUTURESONE as an information source and advisor for your marketing? 

  • FUTURESONE has over 15 years of experience working with the CBOT, local cash facilities, and end-users to provide the tools and assistance to producers to help them manage risk and bring their products to market. We have dedicated professionals that individually analyze market segments to bring a comprehensive approach to our client strategies.

  • We use innovative analysis and disciplined techniques tailored for your individual operation vs. “cookie cutter” programs that may or may not work for specific operations in different markets. As our market evolves strategies and programs must evolve with it.

  • Our strategies are diverse. We use various tools that can utilize cash contracts, futures, or options to create a diversified strategy that is not only risk-averse but also matches our clients comfort level and risk tolerance.

  • FUTURESONE’s communication is second to none. By using a combination of mediums we are able to streamline our communication to our customers. Between weekly one-on-one phone communication, text messaging, automated telephone messages, and email we are able to be proactive versus reactive with the markets.

  • The fees for our Risk Management service are typically around 1-2% of cost of production for an operation. Yet 50% of your revenue comes from marketing decisions. Consider the fee for our service the salary paid to your hired man for marketing. This demonstrates how cost effective our service is for a producer’s operation and how necessary it is to have a plan in place when so much revenue depends on it.

  • Our full service brokerage gives producers the ability to hedge their products effectively. Coupling hedging with our RM service gives customers the ability to protect prices while maintaining flexibility in increasingly volatile markets.

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* Futures and Futures Options trading holds significant risk of loss; only individuals that have a higher risk tolerance and are looking for higher risk, higher reward opportunities should consider investing in this arena. Hedge customers should understand their cash risks as well as the risks and relationship with futures and futures options. FuturesOne is a DBA name for both DMFiala LTD (brokerage services) and David Fiala LTD (advisory services).
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