Our Mission

  • Provide customers with current market information using the latest technology and good risk management guidance.
  • Deliver personalized risk management techniques or recommendations tailored to our customer’s personal or business needs.
  • Conduct business with the integrity and small town values one expects in the agricultural industry.


Prospective Client

Thank you for your interest in FuturesOne! Our staff is an experienced group of risk managers, brokers and customer service representatives ready to serve you. Along with offering quality online trading platforms and professional brokerage service at competitive rates, our firm has worked diligently to fill some voids in the risk management segment of the marketplace since our start nearly 20 years ago. 

Our fee-based risk management service provides producers and end-users the opportunity to work directly with a marketing consultant(s). Our consultants will get to know both you and your business. Our aim is to help you focus on the larger profitability picture and not attempt to micromanage price risk.  We strive to create customized strategies and plans based upon the specific needs of your operation and comfort level with the various hedging tools available to you, and approved by you. Whether we are utilizing futures, options, or cash and basis contracts, we tailor our risk management efforts to your individual situation.
For those who handle their own risk management decision-making, or even those who are individual speculators, our market consultants can still prove to be a valuable resource.  Whether as a sounding board, source for research, or creative risk management advice our consultants have a broad range of market knowledge and experience which you may find beneficial through electronic subscription means.

We are constantly evolving and adding new materials and strategies for the benefit of our clients, our base or add on general programs provide a great structure to address most all situations. We hope that you decide today to make FuturesOne your Risk Management firm/broker. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-488-5121 or email info@futuresone.com.

David M. Fiala & The FuturesOne Team


Our Leadership

FuturesOne has 5 locations servicing agricultural customers across the country. We are excited for you to meet the friendly people you'll be working with when you're our customer or subscriber!

  • Lincoln, NE (main office)
  • Columbus, NE
  • Des Moines, IA
  • Springfield, IL
  • Kearney, NE

Lincoln, Nebraska (Main) Office

Columbus, NE Branch Office

Des Moines, IA Branch Office

Springfield, IL Branch Office

Kearney, NE Branch Office



David Fiala

Agricultural Marketing Specialist
FuturesOne Chief Analyst and Advisor


David M. Fiala serves as President and Chief Analyst & Advisor of FuturesOne. David is a former Agricultural Marketing Instructor for the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Before moving to Lincoln at the end of 1999, David spent the previous five years in Chicago working as a Futures Broker, Agricultural Analyst and Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). He has been licensed with the National Futures Association (NFA) and registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) since 1995. Now residing in Lincoln, in addition to being a writer for DTN, David continues his work as a risk manager, broker, analyst and CTA.

David grew up in Nebraska gaining market experience and knowledge in both the grain and meat arenas. He received his B. S. in Agribusiness from the University of Nebraska. There he dedicated much work toward Agricultural Marketing, working two years as a teaching assistant with renowned agricultural marketing expert Dr. James Kendrick, who taught the Agricultural Marketing course since the sixties. David was honored with the Outstanding Agribusiness Senior and FCA College Athlete of the Year awards in college.

After graduation David went into the Agricultural Economics Graduate program at Nebraska where he served as President of the Nebraska Agricultural Economic Graduate Student Organization in 1994-95. David is also a graduate of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s exclusive Agricultural Broker Training Program. There, he gained first-hand floor experience, thus gaining a firm understanding of the mechanics of the futures and options marketplace. The program went on to advance his education in many different fundamental, technical trading and hedging methods through classroom instruction from industry professionals. These advanced strategies, using both futures and options, are an integral part of his daily brokerage and analytical activities.

David maintains a good network with industry professionals and constantly monitors weather items and fundamental market information. He analyzes the charts or technical picture of the market attempting to predict fund activity. The estimated fund and commercial activity is monitored everyday. David’s market interpretations have been sought by medias such as Futures Magazine, Reuters News, WCIU Channel 26 in Chicago and KWHY Channel 22 in Los Angeles, Farm and Ranch’s Heartland Express. David has also been the featured speaker at trading and hedging seminars, as well as Chicago Mercantile Exchange Educational Courses. David’s goal is to continue to learn and research the markets as we advance in the global economy.

David is unique because of his ability to act as a risk manager and not just as a trader. More specifically, his focus is on the farmer risk and farm revenue rather than taking unnecessary risks by trying to always out guess the market. Collectively, these items give David a very complete view of the market place that he can put to work for you. Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

David also relies on FuturesOne Risk Managers throughout the country both for their overall market opinions but also local basis opinions. As you may know, the majority of FuturesOne Risk Managers have experience in commercial or small elevator cash trade and constantly monitor the cash markets. David values their information and market opinions. He knows that the monitoring of a customer’s local / regional basis picture is a very important element in the net price a producer receives for their grain.

The focus of the FuturesOne team is to tailor programs for individual producers, setting a game plan that will add more structure and sophistication to the way they sell their grain and protect their farm revenue. David looks forward to putting our team to work for you.

Contact David Fiala

Clint Duis

Vice President
Risk Management Consultant

Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Clint began working for FuturesOne in the summer of 2005 and is a proud member of the FuturesOne Risk Management Team. He grew up on a family farm near Odell in Gage County, Nebraska, helping with the family Cattle and Sheep operation. At a young age he also observed his father's farming operation, which produced wheat and sorghum. Clint also participated in 4-H where he raised and showed market lambs.

Clint gained further agricultural knowledge while helping with the production and sale of Duis Hay Company's Alfalfa crop, working with dairies and feedlots across the Midwest. He then gained a better understanding of the industry as a whole by becoming a partner in Duis Commodities in 2001, a family owned trucking company, which hauls grain fertilizer rock and hay for producers and agricultural facilities throughout the Midwest.

In 2003 Clint graduated from SCC-Beatrice with a degree in Business Administration while obtaining a membership in Phi Theta Kappa. He then continued his studies and collegiate basketball career at Bellevue University, where he graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Finance. While attending Bellevue University, Clint received awards including the MCAC scholar athlete of the year, Academic All-American, and Bellevue University athlete of the year.

Clint joined the FuturesOne team in order to help producers from his area and abroad to better market their grain and livestock. He is very excited to be part of a team that can offer people from the same background risk management and a way to maximize the wealth of their operation. Clint's drive to help producers as much as possible comes from the great amount of pride he takes in having a "small town" background along with the agricultural heritage of his family.  He currently resides in Lincoln, NE with his wife Aimee and their sons Mack and Kamden.

Contact Clint Duis

Joel Wesely

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Joel began working with FuturesOne in 2002 as a futures broker and risk management intern after completing David Fiala’s Agricultural Marketing course at the University of Nebraska. His duties at FuturesOne are to develop and present risk management programs for producers reflecting the FuturesOne risk management philosophy. While at FuturesOne Joel plans to always continue to learn and develop his skills as a broker and risk manager.

Joel grew up on a small farm 30 miles west of Lincoln and was involved in many aspects of Agriculture. He learned the importance of communication and developing a personal approach when dealing with people through his father who is an FFA Advisor and Vocational Agricultural teacher. Joel graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agribusiness. Joel received many academic honors for his educational achievements including graduating with High Distinction.

Joel's main goal at FuturesOne is to continue to study the markets and develop solid relationships by delivering valuable information to his clients and keeping them focused on the FuturesOne risk management programs. By doing this Joel believes he can develop better communication and assist producers in making the marketing decisions they need to maximize the reward for their efforts.

Contact Joel Wesely

Steve Dietz

Risk Management Consultant
Grain & Oilseed Analyst
Managed Futures Specialist
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Steve has been a registered futures broker since 1994. Steve serves in a dual role with FuturesOne as both consultant and analyst. He also serves as President and principal of Andorra Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor. His background and association with these two firms give him a unique perspective and set of disciplines which clients and investors may draw upon.

Steve grew up on a farm in central Nebraska. He received his degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he was a Regents Scholar and Innocents Honoree, with disciplines in Agricultural Economics, Finance and Mathematics.

Steve began his career on the trading floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in 1994, where he had been recommended into the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Agricultural Brokers Training Program after college. This program meshed advanced market analysis, trading strategies, and market logic with trading floor experience. After the program, he continued to work on the trading floor in various capacities, including that of trader trainee with Keystone Trading in currency options. In 1997 he joined Alaron Trading as a Senior Broker and Junior Grains Analyst. In 1999 Steve became an independent professional trader with Bright Trading, specializing primarily in merger/acquisition risk-arbitrage.

Steve has been registered with FuturesOne since 2001.

Contact Steve Dietz

Bill Krejci

District Sales Manager
Risk Management Consultant

Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker

Bill began working for FuturesOne in the winter of 2008 and is extremely proud to be part of the FuturesOne Risk Management Team. Growing up near Exeter, Nebraska in Fillmore County, Bill helped out with the Krejci family farm that produced corn, soybeans, milo, wheat and alfalfa as well as helping with the cow/calf and cattle feedlot enterprise. He also helped with the 1,500 head farrow-to-finish hog operation.

Bill gained more agricultural knowledge while attending the University of Nebraska, completing an Agriculture Business 2-year accreditation course and traveling back and forth to help maintain the farm with his father and brother-in-law while at the University. Bill was a member of the Nebraska Cornhusker Football team from 1977-1980 and earned a letterman’s award.

Joining the FuturesOne team has given Bill the opportunity to offer producers from around the Midwest a sincere and affordable risk management program that will help their bottom line year in and year out. Bill’s background in the Ag community and his working side by side with producers over the past 20 years has given him the experience needed to help producers market their grain and livestock.

Contact Bill Krejci

Lon Malmkar

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Lon is currently a registered futures broker and risk management consultant with FuturesOne. Before joining FuturesOne, Lon spent 18 years managing all phases of production in the hog confinement industry. Since 1972, Lon has taken an active role in genetic and nutrition research in the livestock industry. In addition to this, Lon has been involved in livestock marketing for more than 35 years and has been an active futures trader since 1995.

Lon grew up on a hog and cattle operation in southwest Nebraska, near Imperial. He was an Angus seedstock producer near Callaway, Nebraska until 1989. Since high school, Lon has always had a passion for research and analysis, which he used continuously in the genetic and nutrition areas of his cattle and hog operations. Having studied cycles for many years, technical analysis was a natural fit for Lon when he began trading the futures market in 1995. Technical analysis strategies such as cycles, trend lines, Elliot wave and chart patterns have become Lon’s passion. Lon will leave no stone unturned when it comes to market research and technical analysis.

Lon continually strives for a higher level of knowledge and skill in market analysis and trading strategies. Lon’s goal is to assist producers and clients in making well-timed, profitable market decisions. Lon always demands excellence of himself in every project he pursues. He looks forward to putting his skills to work for you.

Contact Lon Malmkar

Matt Wiegand

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Matt became part of the FuturesOne team in 2008. Matt came to FuturesOne after working on ethanol initiatives in both the private and public sector: this work was done following the completion of an MBA with Agribusiness specialization from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. While at the University, Matt studied agricultural markets extensively, and was named Agribusiness Student of the Year by the advisors of the MBA-Ag program.

Matt is originally from the Harbine, Nebraska area in rural Jefferson County. His involvement with agriculture stretches back many years. He was very active in 4-H and FFA as a youth, and remains an active volunteer for the Nebraska FFA, serving as a judge at the State Convention.

Matt is excited to be part of the FuturesOne team and is looking forward to working with Customers, helping them to mitigate risk and develop marketing plans to enhance their operations in this very challenging and volatile time.

Contact Matt Wiegand

Amos Davis

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures and Options Broker


Amos began working with FuturesOne in 2009. Before joining FuturesOne, Amos worked at grain elevators in southwest and northeast Nebraska. He handled accounts for grain producers as well as end users, allowing him to gain a firm knowledge of basis levels, market carry, and farm direct marketing. Amos enjoys teaching customers market basics so they are able to better understand the benefits of risk management and having a plan for their individual operation.

Amos grew up on a ranch in north central Nebraska and graduated from Chadron State College with a degree in Business Finance.  Amos married his high school sweetheart, Paula, in 2001, and has three boys, Malachi, Elijah, and Isaac.

Contact Amos Davis

Ryan Dethlefsen

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures and Options Broker


Ryan grew up in rural western Nebraska and has been involved in production agriculture from a very early age.   Being the son of a prominent Agronomist in western Nebraska, Ryan has experienced and been personally involved in various facets of production in commodities like corn, soybeans, cow/calf operations, and potatoes which gives him a solid and rounded agricultural knowledge base when approaching marketing situations. 

Ryan graduated from the University of Nebraska-Kearney with a comprehensive Bachelor's degree in Ag-Business with an emphasis in Agricultural Economics.  This degree was largely focused on the world grain and livestock markets and the way in which the international commodities markets function in relation to one another, which has proven invaluable when approaching critical hedging and risk management situations. 

Ryan is also an outdoor enthusiast and an avid hunter and fisherman, which coincides nicely with his passion for production agriculture and the financial well being of modern day farmers. 

Contact Ryan Dethlefsen

Zane Roubal

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures and Options Broker


Zane grew up on a family farm in North Bend, Nebraska. From an early age he worked with all aspects of his family’s corn, soybeans and cow calf operation. Through this time he was able to gain extensive knowledge of production agriculture. He was actively involved in the raising and showing of cattle through numerous 4-H and FFA events.

Zane attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he graduated with an Agriculture Economics degree in 2013. He continued his involvement with the FFA organization through volunteer work and numerous agriculture economic groups during this time. While at the University he raised his involvement in agriculture through commodity marketing and advanced market management. With a capstone course on International Food and Agriculture Trade, he was able to increase and apply his understanding of the business aspect of agriculture not only locally but on an international scale.

Being a part of the FuturesOne team has allowed Zane to utilize his skills for the producer. By facilitating the development of a thorough risk management plan to help mitigate risk and maximize revenue for his clients. Through his passion for agriculture, Zane shares a common goal with the producer.

Contact Zane Roubal

Mark Fiala

Risk Management Consultant
NFA & CFTC Registered Futures Broker


Mark began working for FuturesOne in the summer of 2012 and is a proud member of the FuturesOne Risk Management Team. He grew up on a family farm near Seward, NE where he helped with the family cattle, corn, and soybean operation. Mark also participated in 4-H and FFA where he raised and showed cattle and hogs.

In 2014 Mark graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Along with his studies, Mark was also a member of the wrestling team at UNK where he was a 2x All-American and a 4x Academic All-American.

Mark Joined the FuturesOne team in order to help producers create plans to enhance their marketing through fundamental and technical analysis. He is very excited to be a part of a team of over 30 analysts that can offer farmers a way to maximize the wealth of their operation.

Contact Mark Fiala

Ken McMeekin

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker

Ken McMeekin grew up in rural east central Nebraska learning about agriculture and the importance of hard work and honesty. He attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness. After graduation in 1994, Ken started his career with Minnesota Corn Processors in Columbus as a grain merchandiser. Ken’s training and experience helped him develop his extensive knowledge in grain merchandising as well as the intricacies of hedging with the futures market.

In November of 2002, Ken joined FuturesOne and also created Husker Trading along side Larry Taylor. Ken continues to monitor the local cash markets as part of his duties with Husker Trading and their valuable relationships. He utilizes his knowledge and tools from FuturesOne to provide quality brokerage services and risk management services to clients.

Ken uses his experience in the grain industry, and knowledge of the local grain markets to help manage the price risk of his clients. He believes in a solid diversified marketing plan along with the importance for producers to treat their farming operations as businesses with valuable inventories, inventories that need to be viewed as money. Outlining all the items that capture and take away money from a farming operation as part of a disciplined plan is what Ken believes will lead to the long-term success of producers, plus give them the peace of mind of knowing where they stand financially throughout the year.

Contact Ken McMeekin

Larry Taylor

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker

Larry Taylor serves as the Branch Manager for the Columbus, Nebraska office of FuturesOne as well as a Managing Partner of Husker Trading. Larry has been in this capacity since November of 2002. Prior to this, for 8 years, Larry was a grain merchandiser for Minnesota Corn Processors in Columbus, now ADM. Larry also had 3 years experience in the grain industry prior to beginning with MCP, working at both Farmland and Harvest States.

Honesty, hard work and respect are the lifelong values that were engrained into his work ethic growing up in east central Nebraska. Prior to his grain merchandising career, Larry graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Kearney State University (now, University of Nebraska at Kearney).

Larry is always on top of the latest market news and basis trends in Nebraska and the western Corn Belt. Larry’s vast experience in the grain industry has given him a sound background to service customers. He can help tailor programs for individual producers by setting game plans that will add more structure and sophistication to the way they sell their grain and protect their farm revenue.

Larry has a unique way of making producers feel comfortable, confident and knowledgeable in the risk management programs we design for them and the philosophy with which we execute those programs. Larry believes his job is to help take some of the stress and complication out of marketing and set up a good simple plan for producers. In this way, he does his best to help secure good farm revenue each and every year for the producer.

Contact Larry Taylor

Trevor Luchsinger

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker

Trevor attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where he graduated receiving a degree majoring in Business Administration specializing in Management while also receiving a Minor in Marketing.

Trevor grew up on a farm northeast of Columbus. There, Trevor was exposed to farming’s daily operations working with his dad and uncle. Being involved in farming his entire life has allowed Trevor to fully understand the markets and this allows him to really help producers jump on opportunities in the market.

Trevor’s goal is to help customers market their grain to the best of his abilities by putting together a management plan that they are comfortable with and that maximize their profits. By working with and helping market the producer’s product, Trevor works to help relieve at least some of the stress that he knows takes place in every farmer’s life.

Contact Trevor Luchsinger

John I. Van Meter

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker

Growing up in western Iowa, where his family farms and operates a custom cattle-feeding operation, John has first hand knowledge in the commodity markets. His family has been actively using the futures markets as a hedging and speculative tool since the early 1960's. John's father was also a commodity broker, influencing him to follow a career in the futures industry.

John received a Bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in Agricultural Business with an emphasis in finance. Upon graduation, John participated in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's exclusive Agricultural Broker Training Program. This provided him with experience working on the floor at the CME. The program also provided education in fundamental and technical analysis, hedging and the cash markets. These advanced techniques using both futures and options are a keystone of his daily client interaction.

John has been working with many hedgers delivering fundamental insight, but has also dedicated much focus to the technical side of the markets. He has developed trading systems and assisted customers in executing the trading signals of various software manufacturers. John has co-authored technical hot lines and several trading systems.

Moving to a major clearing firm in 1998, at the suggestion of his colleague, David Fiala, prompted an introduction of a large number of speculators onto his account rolls, while being a recommended broker to trading superstar Larry Williams. In fact, John has executed trades for and followed the trading plans of many of today's most famous trading "gurus" and system developers. Through this, John gained great insight into what the individual speculator needs in order to succeed in the increasingly complex and time sensitive market place. John found that many of the techniques used to manage risk for producers have direct application with the speculative market.

Contact John Van Meter

Michael Hack

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures and Options Broker

Mike is a valuable member of the FuturesOne team specializing in grain and livestock operations. He grew up on the family grain and livestock farm in western Illinois and was involved in production for over 20 years, before becoming a full-time marketing specialist.

Mike has worked in many different segments of the livestock and grain industries. He fully believes in common sense economics which focuses on locking in consistent profits every year. He wants customers to always look at margins and not just a high or low price and believes everyone should have a good, economically responsible plan.

Mike holds an Agricultural Management degree, received in 1979. Mike believes his work with industry leaders in the areas of production, economics, and marketing are what make him valuable to his customers and what attracted him to FuturesOne.

Mike, his wife Charron, and two dogs reside in Springfield, IL where they enjoy weekend drives and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Michael Hack

  • mhack@futuresone.com
  • 217-741-9772 (Primary & Mobile)
  • 217-679-0223 (Springfield Office)
  • 217-679-1995 (fax)

Marc Currie

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker
Licensed Crop Insurance Agent



Contact Marc Currie

Vance Heyer

Risk Management Consultant
Licensed Commodity Futures & Options Broker


Contact Vance Heyer

Trent Ham

Risk Management Consultant


Trent grew up on a family farm and ranch in Northeastern Colorado where he assisted in the production of a variety of crops such as corn, wheat, rye, beans, and alfalfa. He also gained knowledge and experience with livestock from an early age as he assisted with a cow/calf operation as well as a family owned feedlot.

Trent welcomed the hard working mentality that agricultural production demanded and applied it to his baseball career at Colby Community College in Western Kansas. In his time at Colby Trent was named Academic All-American both years and earned his Associates Degree of Science. As his Ag experience and knowledge of the industry proceeded to grow, Trent decided to further his education at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where he majored in Agricultural Economics and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in the spring of 2016.

During his time at the University of Nebraska Trent developed a passion for the marketing aspect of Ag commodities and became a member of the FuturesOne Risk Management Team in the winter of 2016 with intent to help producers resembling a similar background of his own.

Contact Trent Ham

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