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  Spring Wheat, Durum Losing Ground
  DTN Early Word Grains 03/29 05:54
  DTN Midday Grain Comments 03/28 11:48
  DTN Closing Grain Comments 03/28 13:54
  DTN Cattle Close/Trends 03/28 15:35
  DTN Early Word Opening Livestock 03/28 05:47
  DTN Midday Livestock Comments 03/27 12:10
  DTN Closing Livestock Comment 03/28 15:48
  DTN Chart Technical Points 03/28 16:30
  DTN Feeder Pig Index
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@C7K 360'4 2'6
@S7K 975'0 3'0
@W7K 427'2 2'6
@O7K 231'6 -3'2
MSFT 65.290000 0.190000
WMT 70.320000 0.660000
XOM 81.840000 0.590000
TWX 97.320000 -0.040000

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